Friday, October 8, 2010

a steward of balance...

I have always felt a deep motivation to be a steward of the earth, in a way that pleases our creator.  This goes beyond just a general preservation mindset, but also toward a belief that we all have a bit of creator image inside of us, and are somewhat wired toward progression and enhancement of the surroundings in which we reside.  Much of the reason that I studied landscape architecture is based in this deep conviction/ passion.

BUT, I am starting to see a gaping hole in much of my daily stewardship decisions.  I tend to be a big picture person, somewhat impatient and driven, looking for the quickest way to get something accomplished while still pulling it together with beauty.  Living this way doesn't always allow me to fulfill God's BEST for my life.  Recently, I have become more aware of things I can do that will better my family's health, my home, and the earth...  although it will take more time, effort, and money to make some changes.  A new friend introduced me to the book "Healthy Child, Healthy World" by Christopher Gavigan.
Although I have already followed many of the recommendations in the book for years, there are many more that I was completely unaware of and I began to freak out a little bit about all the damaging things I have thrived on for years.  Have I poisoned my sweet little baby girl before she is even here? 

I have decided to respond in moderation and trust.  I do have to live in this world and the world will touch me and my child with all of its physical and spiritual imperfections.  I can try to live in the freedom of knowing that no matter how much we try to make it perfect, it never will be, but we have perfection to look forward to!  In the meantime, we can try to be satisfied with living responsibly and healthfully, appreciating and preserving all of the "good stuff" of earth and life!  Maybe as I slowly take baby steps, I will also learn about patience and peace through the process ... who knows?  So, I am off to celebrate that freedom as I re-vamp my cleaning supplies and replace them with the "natural" and wash my first load of cloth diapers with green detergent! :)

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  1. Sarah... you are so eloquent and I love reading your thoughts. I always loved having conversations with you, as you gave such simple, yet profound advice pertaining to living out our lives to glorify our God. Thank you for this! You are such a sweet woman.