Saturday, July 2, 2011

pictures past due!

I loooove my family.  and summer.  and traveling every week.  and weddings.  and art that needs created for wedding gifts.  and sisters moving into town.  and a garden and house that always needs some sort of attention.  cooking.  cleaning... and especially this teething baby girl!  All reasons that I have not blogged about these loves for months!  

Somehow, in the middle of it all, we did manage to get Willow's 6 month pictures taken... at 6 1/2 months!  you can see them here:

all pics done by lauren laplante!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

starting to sell!

Motherhood has given me a purpose beyond any I have ever known.  It just seems to make sense!  Obviously, it is the highest calling and I LOVE it!  There are so many BEST things about it, but one little thing that is a super fun one for me, personally, is that I finally feel freedom to be myself, in my own creative way, at my own pace.  Those of you who know me well, know that I constantly struggle with a "production" mindset... I always have to "see" something at the end of my efforts, which leads me to working on things that I don't enjoy, just so I feel worthwhile with a finished product.  For (literally) years, my sisters and my artist friends (thank you Laura and Erin!) have been encouraging me to step away from my need to make or make $, and follow my passion to just say "I am an illustrator."  I haven't felt freedom to do that until after Willow was born and I found that my purpose is much more than being a designer.  Now I can do my art for my own joy, be a mother, and feel fulfilled!  

I have a bunch of products ready to sell for Mother's Day!  I finally started an etsy shop and will be putting a bunch of work up over the next week!  I will also be selling things at Village Fest in West Lafayette this weekend at Silverthrush's booth!  Stop by both places and have a peek!  Maybe buy a few goodies!  :)

Here is my etsy shop- only a couple of things up so far, but keep checking!  
There is a lot more to be added soon!

some work to be posted soon:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New through new eyes!

We have really been enjoying spring with Willow!  So far, her little earthy name fits her!  She LOVES being outside, trying to walk through the grass with her little bare feet, grabbing at flower petals, crunching leaves in her hands, and even snuggling on a blanket in the woods with mama and daddy as she "snacks."  I feel like I am discovering the world fresh... not just as the joyful welcoming of spring after a long winter, but like I am seeing this beauty for the very first time through her eyes.  

We aren't trying to be "braggy" parents, just sharing a bit of Willow growing up with all of you family and close friends who love her and miss her!  Enjoy some videos we have taken of her "exploration."

And just a few of us hanging out at home...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcome Violet Shower!

How perfect for a spring baby shower... awaiting a baby named Violet!  I was happy to host a party in honor of the coming bundle of joy this past weekend!  It was a beautiful, sunny day, and so fun to have a houseful of ladies celebrating babies and spring and little purple flowers!  Preparing for this lovely day has taken up a bit of my creative time lately.  Here are a few pictures before the event:

And a few of Willow dressed in my 30 year old lavender dress that my mother made for me when I was just a little one!  I thought it was the perfect way to dress her for the occasion- and welcome her future playmate!

 Everything Violets! (actually pansies and silks... but still in the same family of flowers!)


"cute as can bee" print...  My own original illustration for Violet

The mama with a cupcake... Vi will get to enjoy that sweet today too!  :)

A bird mobile I created for Vi's room... made with fabrics that her mommy plans to use as decor in the nursery.

The day was a hit, and I think Erin (Vi's mommy) enjoyed a day full of friends and gifts.  Here is a big THANKS to my lil' sis, the amazing Aunt Lala!  Saving the day with all of her help as we juggled restless baby, baking, and decorating!  Thank Thank Thank you, Laura!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baby love!

I love that she loves me so much!  I am trying to cherish every moment of her loving me!  I know I will blink and she will be getting married!  

Friends and Blessings

Lord, thank you.

Thank you for this beautiful child you have loaned me.
Thank you for the indescribable way she occupies my mind and my heart.
I am grateful for the joys and for the struggles we share.
I know they all go with the demands of parenthood.
Remind me to cherish every moment, for they will soon seem so few and far between.  
This child of God is such a precious gift; teach me to appreciate her. 
Lord, I know that this beautiful, wonderful creation is straight from your heart; help me to share her delight with others and to handle her with care.


My friend, Ann, shared this beautiful prayer with me.  It came from a lovely prayer book called "Bless this Child" and I just love it.  Very often, I cannot find the words to say for all of the emotions I have about mothering, or my love for my daughter...  some of the prayers in this book help me to give God thanks and glory for the blessings He has given to us!  Willow and I love our friend, Ann and her baby girl, Scout!  Along with our husbands, Ann and I were in the same birth classes while we were expecting our girls!  It has been so fun, getting to know their super family, and we are so happy that the girls can be playmates!  

This video is so much darling.  They are enamored with each other's hands!  Love it!  

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Three months already!

We can't believe that our sweet little tree frog is already 3 months old!  How time flies!  Her photo-shoot with Lauren LaPlante (check her out at was on Wednesday, and her pictures turned out so beautifully!  Feel free to check out our shutterfly share site and order anything you like!  

Mama love!

antique baby clothes!

nae-nake a picnic basket!

lil' ballerina!

To see more, go here:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I finally had time to make a photobook of all of the beautiful pictures that have been taken since the birth of our daughter, Willow Michelle.  She was born on November 19th, at 9:40 a.m. and was 7lbs 3oz, 19" 

We are in love!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Listen as I Rustle"

Today is the perfect day to indulge in childhood wonder!  My front yard is covered in burnt umber, ochers, sienna... all twisting and tossed up in a swirling autumn mess!  My husband and I have been sleeping with the windows open for the last few weeks, trying to store up gobs of this short season  while we sleep.  He wakes up singing "It's the most wonderful time of the year," because for us, it is!  I have been inspired by these thoughts and colors in the past, apparently!  The watercolor above is a testament to the thrill and freedom that a crisp fall day exudes! 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I am becoming more and more amazed that there is a little child thriving inside of me... and that I am counted "able" enough to bring her into this world and take care of her for years to come!  I feel so much gratefulness and thankfulness each day... so blessed and loved that our God finds Matthew and I worthy of caring for one of his own!  I am already beginning to understand why children are such blessings.  They take our minds away from our own selfish thoughts and "needs" and into a place of giving and appreciating each moment.  It's pretty beautiful that a person can try, try, try to become a peaceful, present thriving person for so many years, and never succeed by her own will, until one day she is just given circumstance (like a baby) that instantly does for her what she has tried to do for yourself for a very long time!  It makes me realize how important it is to relax and hand over "control" more often... apparently I learn better when I let go!  Hopefully, having this mindset will help my little girl learn to live in carefree joy as well!

These beautiful pictures were taken by my lil' sister, Laura Aberle of  Daily Muse when I was 30 weeks.  
She took a bunch of gorgeous pictures of us with the pregnant belly.  I may put up in a slide show soon!