Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friends and Blessings

Lord, thank you.

Thank you for this beautiful child you have loaned me.
Thank you for the indescribable way she occupies my mind and my heart.
I am grateful for the joys and for the struggles we share.
I know they all go with the demands of parenthood.
Remind me to cherish every moment, for they will soon seem so few and far between.  
This child of God is such a precious gift; teach me to appreciate her. 
Lord, I know that this beautiful, wonderful creation is straight from your heart; help me to share her delight with others and to handle her with care.


My friend, Ann, shared this beautiful prayer with me.  It came from a lovely prayer book called "Bless this Child" and I just love it.  Very often, I cannot find the words to say for all of the emotions I have about mothering, or my love for my daughter...  some of the prayers in this book help me to give God thanks and glory for the blessings He has given to us!  Willow and I love our friend, Ann and her baby girl, Scout!  Along with our husbands, Ann and I were in the same birth classes while we were expecting our girls!  It has been so fun, getting to know their super family, and we are so happy that the girls can be playmates!  

This video is so much darling.  They are enamored with each other's hands!  Love it!  

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  1. I really enjoyed this prayer. I completely agree with you that I also have a hard time trying to express into words what it feels like to be mama, this prayer puts it perfectly.
    Thanks for sharing!