Tuesday, April 26, 2011

starting to sell!

Motherhood has given me a purpose beyond any I have ever known.  It just seems to make sense!  Obviously, it is the highest calling and I LOVE it!  There are so many BEST things about it, but one little thing that is a super fun one for me, personally, is that I finally feel freedom to be myself, in my own creative way, at my own pace.  Those of you who know me well, know that I constantly struggle with a "production" mindset... I always have to "see" something at the end of my efforts, which leads me to working on things that I don't enjoy, just so I feel worthwhile with a finished product.  For (literally) years, my sisters and my artist friends (thank you Laura and Erin!) have been encouraging me to step away from my need to make or make $, and follow my passion to just say "I am an illustrator."  I haven't felt freedom to do that until after Willow was born and I found that my purpose is much more than being a designer.  Now I can do my art for my own joy, be a mother, and feel fulfilled!  

I have a bunch of products ready to sell for Mother's Day!  I finally started an etsy shop and will be putting a bunch of work up over the next week!  I will also be selling things at Village Fest in West Lafayette this weekend at Silverthrush's booth!  Stop by both places and have a peek!  Maybe buy a few goodies!  :)

Here is my etsy shop- only a couple of things up so far, but keep checking!  
There is a lot more to be added soon!

some work to be posted soon:

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  1. This makes me so happy! I can't wait to sell art together. Lovely, lovely work. You are so talented and have such a unique look to your work. Love you !