Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New through new eyes!

We have really been enjoying spring with Willow!  So far, her little earthy name fits her!  She LOVES being outside, trying to walk through the grass with her little bare feet, grabbing at flower petals, crunching leaves in her hands, and even snuggling on a blanket in the woods with mama and daddy as she "snacks."  I feel like I am discovering the world fresh... not just as the joyful welcoming of spring after a long winter, but like I am seeing this beauty for the very first time through her eyes.  

We aren't trying to be "braggy" parents, just sharing a bit of Willow growing up with all of you family and close friends who love her and miss her!  Enjoy some videos we have taken of her "exploration."

And just a few of us hanging out at home...


  1. Love it! Those are such good videos of Willow. And the pics are adorable too. I love all the expressions she makes. I have such a sweet little niece!

  2. You two are awesome parents, you have such passion for being a mom. I love it <3.