Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcome Violet Shower!

How perfect for a spring baby shower... awaiting a baby named Violet!  I was happy to host a party in honor of the coming bundle of joy this past weekend!  It was a beautiful, sunny day, and so fun to have a houseful of ladies celebrating babies and spring and little purple flowers!  Preparing for this lovely day has taken up a bit of my creative time lately.  Here are a few pictures before the event:

And a few of Willow dressed in my 30 year old lavender dress that my mother made for me when I was just a little one!  I thought it was the perfect way to dress her for the occasion- and welcome her future playmate!

 Everything Violets! (actually pansies and silks... but still in the same family of flowers!)


"cute as can bee" print...  My own original illustration for Violet

The mama with a cupcake... Vi will get to enjoy that sweet today too!  :)

A bird mobile I created for Vi's room... made with fabrics that her mommy plans to use as decor in the nursery.

The day was a hit, and I think Erin (Vi's mommy) enjoyed a day full of friends and gifts.  Here is a big THANKS to my lil' sis, the amazing Aunt Lala!  Saving the day with all of her help as we juggled restless baby, baking, and decorating!  Thank Thank Thank you, Laura!!!


  1. wow! what a beautiful shower you put together! and with a 4 month old no less! congrats! haha!
    p.s. loooooove the mobile!!!

  2. It was so much fun to help! I had so much fun!p.s. I think we kind of look like sisters in this photo:)

  3. The shower was perfect. Such a blessing. Love you!!!!

  4. Greatjob Sarah! beautiful work and im super impressed that u pulled it all off with your little one, peace

  5. And the food was AMAZING!!! Great job, Sarah and Laura!